Digital Media


Marketing Strategies

AIms of the course

Improve your business results and make yourself more marketable with new skills in digital marketing – necessary to distinguish yourself and take advantage of the explosive growth in the marketing industry. More than 90% of marketing professionals report suffering from a shortage of digital skills, while the job positions for web marketers constantly record double digit increase in annual rates. Whether you are just entering the work market arena (either as the startupper or the professional in established system) or you want to boost your company’s achievements, this course will help you to overcome  a “digital skills gap” and equip you with skills and knowledge inevitable for modern market business success.


  • Omni-channel marketing,
  • Specific characteristics of digital marketing in emerging economies,
  • Data-driven customer-centric approaches to customer retention
  • Online advertising,
  • Social media strategy and analysis,
  • Search Optimization: SEO strategies, process and trends
  • Web Marketing analytics

gained skills

  • Understanding digital media landscape
  • Planning of digital marketing campaign
  • Utilization of various digital media in the most effective way
  • Market and sell your own products or services
  • Improving participants’ personal marketing ideas in e-business