Financial investments analysis

AIms of the course

  • Winning advanced knowledge of investment process, financial instruments, investment strategies and markets.
  • Adopting pricing methods for individual financial instruments and portfolios.
  • The theory and methods of construction of the optimal portfolio, formulation and implementation of investment strategies.
  • Acquire knowledge of MS Excel tools for comprehensive financial analysis



  • Time value of money
  • Project appraisal methods
  • Bonds’ pricing
  • Stocks’ pricing
  • Stock exchange data analysis
  • Risk and return calculation
  • Beta and SML
  • Portfolio risk and return
  • Efficient frontier
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Portfolio optimisation

gained skillS


  • After completing the course the student should be familiar with the modern tools in financial analysis, financial instruments pricing methods and portfolio construction.
  • The student would have an understanding of passive and active investment and should be able to competently analyze and interpret the causes of changes in their prices.
  • The course is useful for all economists whose orientation is quantitative financial analysis, investment analysis and portfolio management (in accordance to the CFA standards).