real estate economics and management

AIms of the course

Spatial structure of modern cities is very different from the one that existed 100 years ago. It is important to understand what market forces are behind the spatial transformation of cities and to discuss causes and consequences of urban sprawl.

Real estate economics and management is specific economic discipline, having in mind the basic feature of houses and business premises – durability. Real estate development and sustainability are very complex issues covering many topics such as land use, spatial planning, real estate law, real estate finance and investment appraisal, planning, development valuation techniques etc.

Real estate management is becoming one of the most interesting and important topics in urban economics. Examination of spatial structure of cities is impossible without understanding of market forces and government policies (spatial planning) that determine land-use patterns within cities around the world. Furthermore, combination of skill that include fundamental understanding of real estate market, real-estate project management, valuation and project financing is in high demand in global markets


  • Market forces in the development of cities
  • Land rent and land-use patterns
  • The role of local government
  • Real estate project management principles
  • Real estate development and financing
  • Money, credit and real estate
  • Mortgage loans and project financing
  • Alternative real estate financing and investment vehicles
  • Real estate valuation

gained skills

  • Understand the main market forces behind modern urban structure
  • Understand how urban land is divided between different sectors
  • Be able to predict and evaluate the effects of different city policies, such as growth controls, zoning, property taxing etc.
  • Get basic economic backgrounds for real estate analysis
  • Understand the main drivers of real estate development
  • Understanding the peculiarities of real estate project management
  • Learn on the real estate financing schemes
  • Get basic knowledge about real estate management in practice
  • Understand how to make real estate value valuation