AIms of the course

The objective of this course is to provide the basic knowledge in econometrics and prepare participants for empirical work in economics. This one-week school (5 days) gives the opportunity to consider actual economic data to test economic theories with a direct application in Stata. The course is interactive and includes both a theory review and computer practical sessions using Stata. Within practical sessions, real data econometric issues will be covered using both cross-sectional and time series data.


  • Simple regression analysis
  • Properties of OLS estimators and hypothesis testing
  • Multiple regression analysis: estimation and statistical inference
  • Multiple regression analysis: multicollinearity, dummy variables and instrumental variables
  • Heteroscedasticity and autocorrelation
  • Model selection: criteria and test

course OUTCOMEs

Upon completion of the course it is expected that the student is able:

To apply the classical regression model to cross-sectional and time-series data.

To understand:

  • assumptions required in the application of classical regression model
  • reasons for expecting violations of these assumptions in certain circumstance
  • tests for violations
  • potential remedial measures.

To competently use presented econometric methods to quantify economic relations using Stata in simple applications.