AIms of the course

Effective formal writing is an essential skill in today’s ever more competitive academic and business settings. Whether you want to boost your academic performance, apply for a scholarship, gain experience through internship or prepare yourself for a highly demanding job market, the ability to create a concise, persuasive and logically-organised types of formal texts in English will always be a valuable asset. This course aims to teach you how to write for various academic and professional purposes to produce well-structured, focused and mistake-free pieces of formal writing that will resonate with your readers. It will help you avoid the most common mistakes and improve your writing skills for academic and professional success.


  • Formal vs informal writing
  • How to write a good paragraph
    motivation letter for internship/scholarship application
    motivation letter for job application
    cover letter for job application
    formal email/business letter
  • Revising and editing

course oUTCOMES

Upon completion of the course, students will be able:

  • to differentiate between formal and informal language in writing
  • to develop the central idea through supporting sentences into a strong paragraph
  • to provide arguments/counter-arguments in a logical and persuasive way in an essay
  • to present yourself in a motivation/cover letter so as to stand out from the other applicants
  • to understand the form, content and structure of a business email/letter
  • to avoid common mistakes, ranging from writing errors and structure to language and style